c3p_1975I have food allergies.

My husband has food allergies.

My kids have food allergies.

I am a gal with food allergies, hence the the allergy gal, but I have learned to not let it define my life.  From my personal experiences, I know how challenging, daunting and frustrating it can be when you or someone you love are first diagnosed with food allergies.  Living with food allergies doesn’t always have to feel that way!   I have been able to manage it gracefully because I naturally love to cook, I’m always on a mission to do the best I can and I had been dealing with my own food allergies, long before I had children and they were diagnosed with food allergies.  I will explain my full allergy journey in the future, but for now allow me to tell you a little more about myself.

My name is Katie Aspegren and my life is full!  I pretty much have a part time job managing and cooking for food allergies for my family!  I also own my own drafting consulting business.  I have a wonderful husband, who has a crazy work schedule (code for he usually comes home in time for dinner, so mama better know how to cook).  We have two children: a strong willed toddler, who takes after his mama & an infant, who is sweet like her daddy, with a side of sass already!  We own a pick your own pumpkin patch, that is open in the fall.  We grow all the pumpkins ourselves!  I love to travel, especially in a RV.  I have been to every state in the United States!  I love to read, cook, swim, I completed college in 3.5 years (but I should have stayed for 5 years because adulting is hard) and I have a photographic memory (if I’m not sleep deprived or have a toddler clinging to me).  Ha!  See a full life!

My life is too full to waste time or energy worrying or stressing about eating something that could potentially be harmful to us.  I bet your life is full too!  I bet you have been stressed about what is safe or not!  I bet you have been frustrated while traveling because you can’t find food to eat & your toddler is hungry and you ARE starving!  I bet we have both have had all of the emotional & stressful situations, which living a life with food allergies brings.  I have found a way to embrace it all and enjoy the fun of cooking and creating food allergy meals!  My main goal in starting this blog is to make your life easier cooking for your food allergies.  Please learn from my experiences, trials, tribulations, tips, fails, & cooking successes!  Follow me on my cooking journey for tips, recipes & amazing product finds to make cooking for food allergies easier!

Lots of love,

Katie/The Allergy Gal


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